Nursing Patients


Professional Development Course


Patients are often kept in hospital and knowing how to look after them from food to bedding, exercising, taking vital signs, recording observations and knowing when to alert the vet are all skills that form the basis of good nursing. This subject goes into detail on how to really look after your patients well, providing nursing interventions where necessary, and looking at the patient as a whole – not just ticking off a box that a treatment has been given. You will also learn about designing nursing care plans and how these can be utilised in your clinic.

Whilst it might sound like Nursing 101, this subject will expand on what you learnt in your Cert IV and enable you find ways to improve patient care, from a nursing perspective, in your clinic.

What topics will we cover?

  • TOPIC 1 – Housing & Comfort
  • TOPIC 2 – Patient Hygiene
  • TOPIC 3 – Physical Examinations
  • TOPIC 4 – Medication Routes
  • TOPIC 5 – Calculating Drug
  • TOPIC 6 – Hospital Charts and Nursing Protocols
  • TOPIC 7 – Feeding & Water
  • TOPIC 8 – Observation, Recording & Abnormalities.
  • TOPIC 9 – Assessing Pain in Patients
  • TOPIC 10 – Nursing Considerations
  • TOPIC 11 – Recumbent Patient Care
  • TOPIC 12 – Basic Wound Care &
  • TOPIC 13 – Nursing Care Plans