Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

via RPL FastTrack

Are you an experienced Vet Nurse without a formal qualification?

vet nurse holding two small dogs

If you’ve been working at the same level as a qualified Vet Nurse in a practice for several years, our Veterinary Nursing RPL FastTrack program is designed to recognise your prior learning and skills to give you the formal qualifications you deserve.

This method of certification will suit you if:

  • You have relevant veterinary nursing knowledge, including anatomy & physiology, terminology, anaesthesia, pharmacology, surgical and medical nursing knowledge
  • You have good veterinary nursing skills across all areas of the profession
  • You’ve been working at least three years at the same level as a qualified nurse (i.e. You have 4 or 5 years worth of experience in total)
  • You’ve been undertaking a variety of continuing education seminars and courses regularly
  • You qualified overseas and your qualifications can be partially or completely mapped to our Cert IV
  • You have other relevant work experience

Nationally Recognised Training

This certificate is delivered in conjunction with Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (RTO31258)

Veterinary Nursing RPL FastTrack allows you to demonstrate your existing knowledge and skills. You’ll be required to provide evidence to show your current competencies and skills. If you’d like to learn more about being a Veterinary Nurse, then we’d suggest combining the Veterinary Nursing RPL FastTrack with full study subjects. It is extremely important to realise that the RPL process is not a study course. It is only a method of assessing your existing skills and knowledge, not adding to them.

What learning materials do you provide in the Veterinary Nursing RPL FastTrack?

It is important to remember, this program is not a course, and we will not teach you prior to being assessed. We do not provide any learning materials like you would receive if you were an ordinary student studying in full. For this reason, if you are not completely confident in your skill and knowledge for a unit, discuss it with us prior to undertaking the RPL process. Once the RPL process has started, there is no refund of fees. If you are deemed as ‘RPL Not Granted’, you will have to pay and enrol in the full unit like an ordinary student, as the payment you have made was for the RPL process.

We will, however, provide you with an RPL guide for each unit you enrol in, this will enable you to collect and provide the evidence we need.

How will I be assessed?

As a Veterinary Nursing RPL FastTrack applicant, you’ll get online access to our ‘Learning Centre’ to complete all your necessary units. Each unit has it’s own online area for you to upload your evidence to. These allow our Nurse Educators to assess your level of theoretical and procedural knowledge in each of your enrolled units.

You’ll only need to complete those units of competency required to make up your qualification. For each unit, you will be required to gather evidence from your workplace including examples of work, videos of you undertaking specific tasks, and third party reports from Vets and qualified Nurses you work with daily. For some units, you may be asked to undertake a short written assessment where you can demonstrate your knowledge. We provide you with full instructions for each unit on what you are required to do and submit.

Once we have all your evidence, you will be required to participate in a ‘Competency Conversation’ with one of our Nurse Educators. This can be via phone, skype or in person. These conversations will ask you a range of questions relating to the unit/s of competency. You may be asked to discuss your clinic’s policies and procedures; what you would do in a particular situation; to explain a piece of nursing knowledge or to tell us about a case you have nursed. Once again, we provide you guidance on what areas we will include questions on.

After the ‘Competency Conversation’, the Nurse Educator will determine if RPL is granted – meaning you have demonstrated the required level of knowledge and skill with enough evidence to support the decision. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence, or do not demonstrate an adequate level of skill and knowledge, the Nurse Educator will result you as an ‘RPL Not Granted’. Our Nurse Educators will then talk you through what you need to do to gain competency. This often means you will need to study and pass the subject related to the area you require competency in.