All of our courses are available to overseas students as long as you meet the same or equivalent entry requirements as Australian students. In some cases, local requirements in your country may impose additional restrictions.

Many providers charge international or overseas students much larger fees than what Australian students pay.
Not us!
We believe in treating you the same as all our Australian students, and you have the same awesome support available to you. There are no additional fees to be paid. We have integrated the bank and postage fees into the total course cost. Learn more below.

We have had students from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and even Namibia enrol and successfully complete our courses.

veterinary nursing


Are your courses recognised overseas?
veterinary nursing

Many countries recognise the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing as the equivalent or higher to their own nursing training. We have students in many countries around the world.

Every country has its own rules and regulations surrounding veterinary medicine and this often governs those who assist veterinarians, such as veterinary nurses.

We cannot advise you on specific requirements in your country in regards to registration, recognition of overseas qualifications, and any legal aspects of working as a veterinary nurse. The best organisation to contact to establish what is acceptable in your country is your veterinary surgeons board or veterinary nursing association.

veterinary nursing

Our course is delivered by distance education online in combination with the practical work in your clinic. As there is no requirement to attend campus, a student visa for entry to Australia is not possible based on enrolment with us.

You can study in your own country as long as you meet our standard entry requirements and have access to a suitable veterinary clinic.

If you are looking to come to Australia to study, you’ll need an Australian student visa. These require you to be enrolled with a CRICOS registered provider, which unfortunately we are not. A quick google search will reveal those training providers who are,
mostly they are government run TAFE’s.

veterinary nursing

Unfortunately instalment plans are not available to international students. This is due to credit arrangements and internal policies.

International students must pay for their entire course cost prior to commencing and it is important to note that there are no refunds for international students (or Australian students for that matter).

The discount for paying in full up front also does not apply to international students, however we do not charge you extra as you are an international student (some providers will charge over 200% more for international students).

Instead, we also include all bank fees and international express post charges for your printed learner’s guides to be sent as part of the course fee.

veterinary nursing

Absolutely not! There is minimal extra cost to us for you being overseas, other than postage of your printed resources and some bank fees for taking your payment. Therefore we do not need to charge you extra.

Instead, we include all bank fees and international express post charges for your printed learner’s guides to be sent as part of the course fee instead of applying the pay upfront discount.

veterinary nursing

So we don’t have to invoice you more after you enrol, we use what would have been your discount to cover postage of resources and bank fees for international transfers.

We include all of this into the course fee for you, so you only have to transfer the one amount to us. This means less fees and less admin time all around.

veterinary nursing

Yes, you can! Unless your country has regulations and laws around who can perform veterinary nursing tasks, like giving medications, monitoring anaesthesia, assisting with radiographs and dental surgery. You’ll need to check if you’re allowed to undertake these tasks with your local veterinary surgeons board or association.
We cannot advise on of the legalities in your country. If you’re employed in a clinic already, your manager may know what the limitations are.


It is important to note that we cannot provide you with work experience insurance to cover you for personal and public liability, or personal injury. You will need to source your own insurance, especially for personal injury, and provide us with details before undertaking placement. This is to ensure that if you are injured whilst training in the clinic, your medical costs are covered. This insurance will be at your own cost. We recommend you investigate this prior to enrolling with us.

If you are employed in a veterinary clinic, your employer likely has this kind of insurance (workers compensation insurance) for you, as you are an employee.

veterinary nursing

If English is not your first language, you’ll need to provide us with an IELTS assessment as you do need a good command of written and spoken English to successfully complete our courses. You’ll need an IELTS band of 6 or higher for written and verbal english.

veterinary nursing

You have the exact same access to Nurse Educators as our Australia based students, you just need to be aware of any time differences. You’ll be able to get us via phone, email, live chat and our Facebook Student Group.

veterinary nursing

Veterinary Nursing is regulated in the United Kingdom. Please refer to the RCVS for specific details.

Essentially there are many practical tasks with our veterinary nursing courses that would be illegal for you to perform in the UK unless you are a Registered Vet Nurse, or registered Student Vet Nurse – leaving you and the clinic you are at open to prosecution. You therefore could not complete the course requirements.

The RCVS have set restrictions on registering as a vet nurse and student vet nurse. Please direct all enquiries to them – we cannot advise you.

Once you have graduated with a Certificate IV obtained whilst NOT in the UK, you can use it towards registration in the UK. Once again, the RCVS can advise you.

If you are already an RVN in the UK, then you are more than welcome to enrol in any of our courses to further your professional development.

veterinary nursing

Yes, international students are more than welcome to undertake our short courses.

Please be aware that you will be invoiced extra for international express post after you enrol and this must be paid prior to your resources being sent. Expect it to be around AUD$50 to $100 extra – depending on which country you are in and the course you enrolled in (some have rather large folders).