CPVN (Anaesthesia)

CPVN (Anaesthesia)


The Certificate in Professional Veterinary Nursing (Anaesthesia) is for you if you love everything anaesthesia. Everything from setting up, selecting circuits, bag sizes, and calculating flow rates, to manual and mechanical monitoring is included in this course. You’ll expand your knowledge in managing critical anaesthetic cases. Supportive areas like fluid therapy and analgesia are also covered. Everything is designed specifically to increase your own confidence in your anaesthesia skills.


This course has been accredited for 20 points under the AVNAT Scheme.

Your first subject is an in depth look at Anaesthesia & Analgesia will add a lot of extra knowledge to your nursing skill set. Your patients will benefit from your improved understanding of setting up, monitoring anaesthetics and the recovery period. You will then study Fluid Therapy to better understand why we use fluid therapy in the veterinary clinic and how to safely monitor your patients. Then you will learn more about providing analgesia to those animals in pain, the pain pathways and non-pharmacological methods in Pain Management. Your last subject is Advanced Anaesthesia, where you will learn specific protocols for disease states, advanced monitoring equipment, and really cement your anaesthetic knowledge.


  • Anaesthesia & Analgesia
  • Fluid Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Advanced Anaesthesia (requires an additional textbook)
Across the four subjects you will complete 6 video assessments and 2 written assessments. One of your written is a fluid therapy scenario, and the other is a case study on an anaesthetic you have monitored. You will receive Nurse Educator feedback for all assessments, furthering your learning.
Nursing Case Logs: 
Log 10 anaesthetics you have monitored across a range of species and ASA classifications.
Course Duration

You have 6 months to complete your course requirements. Up to an additional 12 months can be arranged for a fee.


To be successful in this course you need to be a qualified Veterinary Nurse (in Australia or overseas) or have over 2-3 years of experience working at the same level at a nurse who is qualified.

You must be employed in a veterinary clinic to have access to the case load necessary for your assessments.


Printed Learner's Guide
Online Access to the Learning Centre
Support 6 days a week via live chat, phone, email and Facebook.
Printed certificate on graduation
Goodie bag on graduation

Please note, whilst we supply everything you need for your first three subjects, when you get to Advanced Anaesthesia, you will need to purchase a textbook (approx $80).