Surgical Nursing

Surgical Nursing

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Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 10


Intermediate Level: This course is useful for those new to surgical veterinary nursing but with some clinical experience, those with a few years experience, and those more experienced nurses wanting to make improvements to their clinic’s protocols and or brush up on their surgical nursing and procedural knowledge.

Elevate your veterinary nursing skills with our two-module course, meticulously crafted to enhance your expertise in Instrument Care & Sterilisation and Surgical Nursing. This specialised program is designed to align your practices with Australian Standards and best practices, ensuring the highest level of patient care and clinic efficiency.

Note: This course does not cover monitoring anaesthesia.

Instrument Care & Sterilisation

Dive into the crucial aspects of instrument handling and processing. Learn the art of correctly processing surgical instruments, a skill often underestimated but vital for maintaining their longevity and sterility. This module covers the entire spectrum – from packing and wrapping instruments to mastering the autoclave process and understanding proper storage techniques. Emphasise that sterility is event-based, not time-based. This course is an opportunity to critically evaluate and enhance your clinic’s systems, ensuring compliance with standards and optimal patient care.

Surgical Nursing

Begin with the fundamentals of admission and documentation, progressing to the engaging aspects of patient and surgical skin preparation. Understand the nuances of theatre attire and etiquette, along with the intricacies of setting up and maintaining a clean surgical environment. Gain insights into suture materials and intraoperative tasks, essential for any surgical nurse. This module not only equips you with the foundational knowledge to support veterinarians during surgeries but also prepares you to assist in various procedures, including orthopaedic, abdominal, and ophthalmic surgeries.

Together, these modules offer a comprehensive learning experience, turning you into an invaluable asset in your clinic’s surgical team. Enroll now to enhance your proficiency and deliver exceptional care in the operating theatre.



The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 10 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.


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