Surgical Nursing


Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 10


Intermediate Level: This course is useful for those new to surgical veterinary nursing but with some clinical experience, those with a few years experience, and those more experienced nurses wanting to make improvements to their clinic’s protocols and or brush up on their surgical nursing and procedural knowledge.

Two module course. This course does not cover monitoring anaesthesia.

Instrument Care & Sterilisation

Get the right information for instrument handling and processing to ensure your clinic is processing these vital tools in line with the Australian Standards and best practice recommendations. Surgical Instruments are expensive and it’s common to see bad or outdated practices in the clinic that can negatively affect the life of the instruments as well as sterility. Whilst it may sound basic, it’s not! You’ll learn how to process instruments correctly, pack, wrap and autoclave kits to ensure their sterility and learn appropriate storage processes. Remember, sterility has nothing to do with time, it’s about events. This short course is designed to help you to critically evaluating your clinics current systems and bring in improvements to ensure you are doing the right thing by your patients and performing these seemingly simple processes in the right way.

Surgical Nursing

Starting with admission and documentation requirements, you’ll soon get stuck into the more fun aspects such as patient and surgical skin preparation. You’ll learn about theatre attire and etiquette, setting up and proper cleaning of theatre, suture materials and intraoperative tasks. This course will ensure you have the right underpinning knowledge to work as a surgical nurse in your clinic and be helpful to the vet whilst providing amazing patient care. You’ll cover the basics of scrubbing in to assist and learn about a lot of different surgical procedures and their requirements such as orthopaedic, abdominal, ophthalmic and other surgical procedures.



This course has been accredited for 10 points under the AVNAT Scheme.