Fluid Therapy

Fluid Therapy


Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 5


Elevate your veterinary nursing skills to new heights with our Fluid Therapy course, a must-have for any nurse looking to excel. This comprehensive course, spanning 13 engaging topics, is not just an educational journey – it’s your pathway to becoming an indispensable part of your veterinary team.

Discover the intricacies of water and electrolyte balance in the body, laying the foundation for a deep understanding of fluid dynamics. Delve into the world of crystalloids and colloids, gaining the expertise to choose the right fluid for every situation. Learn about fluid therapy administration, including intravenous catheterisation and placement, you’ll be able take your learning back to clinic to master these essential skills.

But that’s just the beginning. Navigate through potential catheterisation complications with confidence, and explore alternative catheterisation routes and methods. Our course empowers you to expertly assess hydration levels and accurately calculate fluid requirements, ensuring you can make critical decisions swiftly and effectively.

Become a master at monitoring fluid therapy, adapting treatments to the dynamic needs of each patient. Expand your capabilities with knowledge of blood products and transfusions, and tackle electrolyte and glucose imbalances like a pro. Plus, our module on acid-base balance will equip you with the skills to understand why the vet’s choose particular fluids and better understand how to care for your critical patients.

Imagine the satisfaction and confidence you’ll gain, knowing you can provide exceptional care to patients in need of fluid therapy. Enrol in our Fluid Therapy course today, and transform your passion for veterinary nursing into expertise that makes a difference in the lives of animals and the efficiency of your clinic. Your journey to becoming a fluid therapy expert starts here!


The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 5 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.

What topics will we cover?

  • TOPIC 1 – Water & Electrolyte Balance in the Body
  • TOPIC 2 – Crystalloids & Colloids
  • TOPIC 3 – Fluid Therapy Administration
  • TOPIC 4 – Intravenous Catheterisation
  • TOPIC 5 – Intravenous Catheter Placement
  • TOPIC 6 – Catheterisation Complications
  • TOPIC 7 – Other Catheterisation Routes & Methods
  • TOPIC 8 – Assessing Hydration
  • TOPIC 9 – Calculating Fluid Requirements
  • TOPIC 10 – Monitoring Fluid Therapy
  • TOPIC 11 – Blood Products & Transfusion
  • TOPIC 12 – Electrolyte & Glucose Imbalances
  • TOPIC 13 – Acid-base Balance


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