Wound Management

Wound Management


Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 5


Intermediate Level: This course is useful for those with at least two years of clinical experience, and those more experienced nurses wanting to expand their knowledge in wound management techniques.

Embark on a comprehensive journey into veterinary wound management with our specialised short course, designed to enhance the skills of veterinary nurses. This course delves into the physiology of wound healing and the integument system, providing a foundational understanding essential for effective wound treatment. You’ll learn about the various phases of wound healing, enabling you to identify and respond to different wound types effectively.

Gain expertise in classifying wounds and exploring wound closure options, including skin grafts, which are critical in managing complex wound cases. The course also covers the management of open wounds and wound bed preparation, a vital step in promoting healing. You’ll become proficient in selecting and applying appropriate wound dressings, understanding their functions and benefits in the healing process. The management of wounds with drains and the challenges of wound breakdown and complications are also key components of this curriculum.

Additionally, the course addresses the management of specific wounds, including burns, providing you with the knowledge to handle these challenging situations. You’ll master various bandaging techniques and materials, essential for protecting wounds and promoting recovery. External coaptation methods, useful in supporting and stabilising injuries, are also explored.

By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to actively participate in wound care within your veterinary practice, confidently collaborating with veterinarians to develop effective wound care plans. This course is an invaluable opportunity for veterinary nurses looking to specialise in wound management and enhance the level of care they provide to their patients.


The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 5 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.

What topics will we cover?

  • TOPIC 1 – Phases of Wound Healing
  • TOPIC 2 – Common Integument
  • TOPIC 3 – Classification of Wounds
  • TOPIC 4 – Wound Closure Options & Skin Grafts
  • TOPIC 5 – Open Wounds & Wound Bed Preparation
  • TOPIC 6 – Wound Dressings
  • TOPIC 7 – Management of Wounds with Drains
  • TOPIC 8 – Wound Breakdown & Complications
  • TOPIC 9 – Management of Specific Wounds
  • TOPIC 10 – Burns
  • TOPIC 11 – Bandages
  • TOPIC 12 – External Coaptation


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