Pain Management

Pain Management


Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 5


Our Pain Management course offers an invaluable opportunity for veterinary nurses to deepen their understanding of analgesia and pain recognition, key aspects of compassionate and effective veterinary care. The course begins with an exploration of the nervous system and special senses, laying the groundwork for understanding pain’s physiological mechanisms.

Students will gain insights into the physiology of pain and how pain pathways operate within the body. This foundational knowledge is critical for recognising and assessing pain in animals effectively. The course emphasises the importance of pain scoring, teaching various pain scoring systems that are essential tools in evaluating and managing an animal’s pain levels.

A significant focus of the course is on the range of analgesics available, including their proper use and administration. You’ll delve into the treatment of pain in small animals, exploring both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain management. The course also covers local anesthesia and analgesia, providing comprehensive knowledge on these vital pain control methods.

Additionally, you’ll learn to calculate Constant Rate Infusions (CRIs), a technique used in the administration of pain medication, enhancing your ability to provide precise and effective pain management. This course equips veterinary nurses with the critical skills needed to identify and treat pain in animals, ensuring the highest standard of patient care and welfare.


The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 5 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.

What topics will we cover?

  • Topic 1 – Nervous System & Special Senses
  • Topic 2 – Physiology of Pain
  • Topic 3 – Recognising & Assessing Pain
  • Topic 4 – Pain Scoring Systems
  • Topic 5 – Analgesics
  • Topic 6 – Treatment of Pain in Small Animals
  • Topic 7 – Local Anaesthesia & Analgesia
  • Topic 8 – Calculating Constant Rate Infusions (CRIs)


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