Scrubbed Surgical Assistance

Scrubbed Surgical Assistance


Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 5


Advanced Level: This course is useful for those more experienced nurses who are learning to scrub in to assist in theatre.

Immerse yourself in the essential practices of surgical assistance with our focused short course, designed for those eager to excel in the operating theatre. This course guides you through the critical steps of scrubbing in, teaching you the correct techniques for thorough scrubbing, gloving, and gowning, vital for maintaining a sterile surgical environment.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn safe practices for loading and passing scalpels and needle holders, among other instruments. We’ll introduce you to Halsted’s principles, ensuring you maintain an orderly instrument trolley, and teach you the essentials of swab and instrument counts to keep surgeries running smoothly and safely.

This course is a must for those aspiring to be adept at providing surgical assistance, equipping you with the skills to be an invaluable member of any surgical team. Enrol now to take your first step towards mastering surgical assisting.



The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 5 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.

What topics will we cover?

  • Surgical Team Preparation: Understand the importance of team readiness. Learn the nuances of different scrubbing options, including alcohol-based hand rubs and traditional methods, ensuring you’re prepared for any surgical setting.
  • Providing Surgical Assistance: Step into the role of a surgical assistant with confidence. Master the art of handling instruments and tissues correctly, ensuring smooth and efficient surgery proceedings.
  • Suture Materials, Needles, & Staples: Get acquainted with various suture materials, needles, and staples. This knowledge is crucial for assisting in wound closure and understanding the best materials for different surgical procedures.
  • Suture Patterns & Knots: Delve into the diverse world of suture patterns and knots. Learning these techniques is key to providing effective assistance during surgical procedures.


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