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Wellbeing during COVID-19

Change can be scary.  As humans, any form of sudden and unexpected change (such as [...]

Hand Hygiene

Effective hand washing is the basis of good hygiene practice and is the first line [...]

Finding Clinical Placement

More often than not, to enable you to enrol in or continue your chosen veterinary [...]

Job Interviews

An interview is not just an opportunity for a potential employer to ask questions and [...]

Applying for Jobs

There comes a time when you will be applying or seeking a paid position as a [...]

CV’s, Resumes & Cover Letters

Many people get confused between a CV and a Resume – they are similar but [...]

Using a Feeding Tube – Information for Veterinary Nurses

Nutrition is vital in recovering patients, and recovery periods can be dramatically shorter if a [...]

Endotracheal Intubation – Yes, Veterinary Nurses can learn it too

Depending on your clinic’s policies, you may be allowed to place endotracheal tubes. Securing airways [...]