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Placing IV Catheters – Hints, Tips and Avoiding Common Mistakes for Vet Nurses

Intravenous (IV) catheters (the correct term is ‘cannula’) provide a pathway into the vascular system [...]

Wrapping a Surgical Kit

Packaging is a very important step in the sterile supply cycle and requires careful attention. [...]

Surgical Skin Preparation – Best Practice Protocol for Veterinary Nurses

Skin preparation techniques are one of our first defences in reducing the risk of our [...]

Jugular Venepuncture – Get the best sample with these tips for VNs

The accuracy of any clinical pathology test is greatly determined by the quality of the [...]

Blood Smears made easy for vet nurses

Blood smears are an easy internal pathology test to prepare. They are also often overlooked [...]

Placing a Modified Robert Jones

The Modified Robert Jones Bandage is used most commonly used post-operatively to provide compression in [...]

5 Things we’re doing wrong by our clipper blades.

Proper clipper blade care is essential not only to prevent trauma to our patients (clipper [...]

What does your veterinary reception area say about your clinic?

The reception shift at work is so much more than answering phones and checking people [...]