Clinical Pathology for the VN


Professional Development Course

AVNAT Registration Points: 5


Intermediate Level: This course is useful for those veterinary nurses with at least one year of experience. More experienced nurses will also enjoy this course if pathology is a particular area of interest or those who want to learn more about it or brush up on their skills.

Clinical Pathology will ensure you have a good knowledge of laboratory techniques commonly used in the veterinary clinic. You’ll be confident in knowing what equipment is used and how to maintain it including microscopes, refractometers, in-house lab machines, centrifuges etc. We also cover how to perform various pathology procedures urinalysis including sediment, PCV/TP, faecal floats, blood smears, and snap tests etc. The foundations of haematology and biochemistry are also covered, along with the importance of quality assurance procedures. Setting up and assisting with various centesis procedures is also included. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the correct handling and storage of samples to ensure accurate test results.


This course has been accredited for 5 points under the AVNAT Scheme.

What topics will we cover?

  • Topic 1 – Clinical Pathology
  • Topic 2 – Basic Laboratory Equipment
  • Topic 3- Advanced Laboratory Equipment
  • Topic 4 – Haematological Tests
  • Topic 5 – Urinalysis
  • Topic 6 – Faecal Analysis
  • Topic 7 – Cytology and Histopathology
  • Topic 8 – Other in-house tests
  • Topic 9 – External Laboratory Testing
  • Topic 10 – Microbiology
  • Topic 11 – Post-Mortem Examination


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